Monday, August 1, 2016


In search of assurances, we hold out.
For lack of assurances, we waver.
Without assurances, we squander our true wealth in violent pursuit of phantom gain.

What assurance do we have?

That this body was once born and must return to dust.
That we shall never cease to exist.
That creation will forever reflect the mind of its creator.
That we can never know what moves in a mind beyond our own.
That we will only ever know what is given to us to know.
That this moment is what is offered now, if we will but receive it.
That we do not belong to ourselves, but to a whole greater than we can conceive of.

What assurance can I give you? What solace? What comfort?

None but this: that what you are is enough.

Go therefore, and be at peace within yourself.
Act without interest in the outcome.
Give all that you are to the greater part of you.
Your gloomy thoughts, your tortured emotions
are not here to destroy you and threaten your soaring dreams.
They are here to show you the part of you that needs to be let inside
so that you may be free.

Love, william

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother . . .

Aisha Salem, in her way, goes deeper and further than anyone else I've run into online. There is a ruthless beauty to her song that touches in a most unique way. Cutting and healing, killing and breathing life. If you are a sensitive soul with an instinct and hunger for radical truth, if you feel the intensity of being across the spectrum and dare to expand to encompass ever more poignant depths and soaring heights, if you yearn to integrate and include all levels, paradoxes, and dimensions in a surrender to life more total than anything you've been shown before, if you are willing to step up with all you've got and say no to playing games and making room for ignorance, if your spiritual path is leading you to the total consumption of every last personal belief and every fiber of a separate will, if you are tired of fighting your vain war of futile aspirations and are ready to commit to total oneness, the warrior path of impeccable love and undivided intent, if the Goddess has called you to seek her and immolate all that you thought you were in the relentless pursuit of union with her . . . then let this voice be your teacher.

Yes, this is serious fucking business. Yes, she is playing for keeps. And yes, we know less than nothing if we think we know anything about anything.

Inasmuch as any of these words are mine, they are worthless imitations. Let all be done through us as perfect gifts of the divine. And so it is. Be free!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Epica - Kingdom of Heaven: A New Age Dawns - Part V

This has been sitting in my drafts for eons. Since today happens to be a (Lyric) Friday and I had another little thing to share, I’ll put this out there too. But do check out the other thing!

Design Your Universe – Track 6

Kingdom of Heaven

A New Age Dawns” Part V

[I. Hold In Derision]

Pioneering, big breakthroughs
Proceeded by the opposition.
Hold in derision all that’s new,
Afraid to lose their own esteem.

Scorn shall be directed at the genius,
Represses subtle theories of the light
To the questions of life.

Quantum physics lead us to
Answers to the great taboos.
We create the world around us
God is every living soul.

Science, spirituality
Will have to meet along the way and
We need new drifts, another view
Expand our grip on the cryptic soul.

Scorn shall be directed at the genius,
Represses subtle theories of the light
To the questions of life.

Quantum physics lead us to
Answers to the great taboos.
We create the world around us.
God is every living soul.

Hope is more than a postponed disappointment.

Non intellegens nil explicas.
Videre nolens nil capies.
Non intellegens nil explicas.
Incognita non vides.
[Lacking understanding, you explain nothing.
Unwilling to see, you will grasp nothing.
Lacking understanding, you explain nothing.
You do not see the unknown.]

Open your Sahasrara

[II. Children Of The Light]

Light creates us all.
Pride will make us fall.
Life is meaningful.
Life delights us all.

Light creates us all.
Pride divides us all.
Life is meaningful.
The soul survives us all.

Misled by science.
Our wake up call.
Conditioning cannot fool us till the end.

Light creates us all.
Pride will make us fall.
Life is meaningful.
Life delights us all.

Light creates us all.
Pride divides us all.
Life is meaningful.
The soul survives us all.

[III. Bardo Thödol]

Guide us safely through the gates of death.

[IV. Paragons Of Perfection]

Nothing here will be the same,
I'll see the world through different eyes and
I was given clarity
And the wisdom I can't deny.

All that we can ever see
Until we leave this frail existence
Is just a shadow of reality.
Death is not the final instance.

It's not your time
You have to go back... back!

No, no, I don’t want to return,
Please let me stay here, don’t make me go back!

Go back, you’ve got work to do.

We’re not alone, we are all one.

Nothing here will be the same.
The smallest bit is as big as nature.
Our limited capacities
Gives us trouble to comprehend

We are linked in every way
And we’re strong as our weakest fragment.
Every word that we convey
Is an act with consequences.

[V. The Harsh Return]

Misled by science.
Our wake up call.
Conditioning cannot fool us till the end.

Light creates us all.
Pride will make us fall.
Life is meaningful.
Life delights us all.

Light creates us all.
Pride divides us all.
Life is meaningful.
The soul survives us all.

Greed will make us fall.
Light will bind us all.

Greed will make us fall.
Light will bind us all.

A Living Embodiment of Presence Speaks on the Subject of Presence

For some of us on the spiritual journey, there is the tendency to get tangled up in elaborate mental webs and miss the simple core. Leonard Jacobson's uncompromisingly direct yet gentle approach, rooted in his own living Presence, calls the listener to join him in that original paradise and promised land of the heart, in the real world of the present moment rejected by the ego in its vain efforts to create and control an ersatz personal tao in time and space. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mindwalk: The Turning Point

Mindwalk (1990) depicts a conversation between three Americans in France: a politician, a scientist, and a poet. The dialogue is well-paced, intelligent, and human. The politician wants to find a way to help fix the world but is stymied by the constraints of the political environment. The scientist has spent some years in contemplative isolation after seeing her work exploited for military use. The poet... well, the poet is the life of the party. These three will not leave each other unchanged.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wilderness Blues: A Reader's Response

This beleaguered seeker's prayers were answered in the form of a beautiful email message from Robert. Here it is in full, for the enrichment of all who might benefit from the higher wisdom shining through.

Dear William,

I read your eloquent, creative and moving post and felt the imperative to respond.

All I can offer you both are some conceptual tools, to help clarify the mind, which IS the only real impediment to change, discounting the physical body’s own inertia and demanding cry to remain in its comfort zone. Actually, even the latter is really mental conditioning, nothing more!

Our minds are the primary centers of fear of change.

Even Western science, in its least corrupted branches, has finally realized that all appearances of matter as solid (and hard to change) are ultimately illusive.

Standing waves of energy, which we perceive as solid matter, are mostly habits in action. The patterns which appear and to which we cling, are really a delicate balance of very powerful forces held in dynamic tension, maintained by our beliefs and the mercy of the higher Mind.

Nearly instantaneous changes are not only possible, but if our mental habits of identification and attachment to what we think we know were not acting as a counterweight, changes would occur more often and with less trauma preceding them!

Were it not for the resistance of the mind, in its primal terror of losing stable control over the body’s form and its potential to grow out of our control, we could shape shift as easily in the physical as we do in our dreams.

The perception and consequent understanding of what is holding back or distorting growth is the key to unlocking so-called miracles.

It is not that we must have a rapid manifestation to satisfy ourselves that healing is happening, it is the mental state of already being there, in the next phase of being, that we must put on in advance, in undisturbed faith.

I know that you understand all this.

However, I am pointing you back to this conceptual space because the truth is, it is our own, very human mental resistance which frustrates higher powers from bringing us information, healing and relief from suffering, not karma!

For us to learn, we must have the exercise of our sovereign wills, free from interference from our loving “parental” Source. As above, so below applies: good human parents know this principle and obey it, even if occasionally overriding it out of concern and their own lack of faith.

So, our little minds were granted the power to hold back the power of Love, to the extreme of suicide when our faith is exhausted.

This means that it is our minds (and the beliefs it holds true), which are the point of engagement in any and all crises; we must clear the decks to see what needs to change in our mental structure and set of beliefs.

Again, metaphysics 101.

My point is, no matter what level of consciousness we attain, the shadow mind, where all of our unconscious patterns await loving attention, must be constantly courted like a lover and brought into the light of awareness, where ancient patterns and long-held traumas to our souls may be healed.

Instead of the culturally transmitted, mind-limiting perception that the physical world is hard to move and that our mental habits are very hard to change, we must detach from our attachment to the mass mind’s “comfort zone” and realize that all these millennia, the power to transcend the psychic momentum of living stuck in the darkness along with the consciousness of the race has always been waiting, patiently, expectantly, to be called upon!

To be clear: it is one thing to attempt to move the consciousness of the entire race out of bondage, as the Christed beings have done, which requires immense energy and self-mastery to pull off.

It is far less intimidating to manage our own life bubbles, our bodies and our relations with those around us.

We face the same psychic inertia and mental ruts, but on a local scale, which we can manage, if we so choose.

All our challenges are learning opportunities, but the conundrum is: what is it we are to learn specifically this time?

The details are always unique and very intimately personal BUT we can help ourselves by realizing that there are general patterns. Though the detail is important and tailor-made for us, the learning process has general congruencies, which we can learn once and then utilize in any situation.

Identification: something which we thinks is “US” or “OURS” is now holding back our growth. We must prepare to find it and let it go, no matter what the cost to our feelings or self-image.

Attachment: There is some thing, idea or feeling to which we are clinging (or which is clinging to us!) which is dis-empowering us, weighing us down, blocking our perception.

We must detach ourselves from anything to which we bonded, grow bigger than the looming illusion that we need, ultimately, anything other than our inner resources, anything more than our invincible connection to the One.

This cusp we are all experiencing at this time is a birth canal transit, squeezing us into a diamond form, impervious to mental delusions and appearances of limitations on our power.

After all, our only power comes from the only One and it is only mercy and compassion that has us requiring “training wheels” before we ride the bicycle freely, wielding the power we were granted in a responsible, esthetic, and creative manner.

In other words, our physical bodies are capable of handling far more energy and far more change and healing growth than most minds will allow, at any cost.

The problem is not to petition Heaven for a miraculous dramatic influx of energy but simply to see how to get out of our own way, to permit our potential force to express.

Are we ready to experience irrefutable, undeniable, irresistible manifestation of our true power? There is no going back from these kinds of growth spurts, which intimidates the little demon mind hitching a ride with our partition of the Mind.

Are we holding ourselves back through some dimly perceived limiting belief, not karmic at all but merely a sticky idea which we adopted like a stray dog, somewhere along the way?

When we are completely sincere in our desire to move out of our prison cell, out of our mental comfort zone of being limited (and “safe”), out of the mass mind and into the rarified air where self-mastery lives, then can any manifestation, healing of our own bodies, healing of communities, healing of planetary systems, take birth.

Practically, we must rely on our parallel connection with the One, to amplify our intentions and make the kind of clean sweep of our recalcitrant minds and multiple little selves which is required to grow into our next level of self-mastery.

We do the work to diligently enlighten our attitude and then rest serene in the vision of being free, knowing that power beyond our present comprehension performs the manifestation on our behalf.

Not easy but doable, especially from the place of sincere surrender to the Will of the One.

I note how the word sincere connotes to me: “searing the sin”, burning in the lesson of our error of limited thinking until we have learned it, once and for all time!

Understand that all of our challenges are more than personal; every being who liberates themselves from their present challenge and learns that lesson, adds to the momentum of enlightenment for the entire Universe!

You and your partner are serving the One well, by taking on your personal challenges on behalf of all humanity, in addition to the personalized lessons involved.

Getting through this latest effort of will, will undoubtedly take you to the next level of self-mastery and transcend these lessons for good, forever.

We must constantly tune our minds to the enlightenment channel, broadcasting faithfully since Creation began.

We must pierce all of our favorite illusions and grow beyond any appearance of powerlessness.

No matter how the time frame may appear to us, once we have achieved the detachment from and non-identification with our present suffering, the victory is won and we get to watch it play out, at a pace at which we can observe and learn from and from which to draw a continuous child-like wonder at the magnificent beneficence of Life in the One.

Nit-pick all the conceptual lice from our magic mirror minds until we reflect the Light of the One well enough to channel that lightforce through any obstacle, any pain, any suffering.

We KNOW at a deep level that we are children of the One, without limitation, other than what may be required to safeguard our continuing growth toward cosmic being, sustainable eternal life.

All we are required to do is act and see from that place, consistently (i.e. more often than not!), in order to claim our birthright.

Go there or be square, as they say! (grin)

When I see that my frustrations are really a call to be more me than I am being at the moment, to be more, period, I get motivated and excited, like a child looking forward to a trip.

Command the energy of victory won, call forth the enthusiasm of the inner child in anticipation of new freedom and then rest in the certainty of its imminent arrival.

Sure there is work involved but it is the most effective, leveraged work we can do, on ourselves, on the size and shape of our own life bubble, which is corralled and policed by our minds in operation.

We must adopt the boldness of the One in commanding Creation Itself, in order to throw off all clinging, disempowering ideas and memes which stand in our way, on our way home with new gifts of experience.

You are both pregnant with huge possibilities and it is from that perception/conception that you will find the power to sort this out and see through all confounding delusions.

Human life before liberation, is merely the story of the power of self-delusion to destroy happiness, to make a mess of things out of doubt and fear, instead of zooming around the Universe applying the power of Love to all stuck states!

You have my deep appreciation for your willingness to serve the One and the many.

I know that you will soon look back on this cusp of change from a higher perspective and laugh with joy.