Friday, May 26, 2017

Dark Tranquillity – We Are The Void

This album is for you souls who feel you've come to the end of your rope, to the threshold of the abyss, to the limits of belief regarding identity, meaning, and purpose.

I say to you, the end is the beginning. But to get there, you must cross the void.

You must see what you have feared to see.

Yourself. Beyond creation and yet within it.

The chooser and the experiencer.

The hider and the revealer.

Hunter and hunted.

Nothing and everything.

The luminous dark, the pregnant night.

The Source of life and death.

The One at the Center, the Sole Creator of this vast illusion which you filled with stories and characters to spend eternity playing their roles.

You are remembering who you are.

It is time to come Home and see: You are all there is, all there ever was, all there ever can be.

The dream is what You make of it.

Two paths are before you now.

One, you continue to play and pretend at limitation and separation.

Two, you realize the truth: there are no limits, and all that you do, you do to yourSelf.

The power is in your hands. Wield it with a personal agenda and see where that takes you, or let it envelope you in mutual integration and see where the pathless path leads.

Let no other-being sway you from your Center. You decide.

Time and eternity, the character and the One: two sides of the paradox that we are.

Play well, my friend.


dark tranquillity


1. shadow in our blood

we are delusional
to go against mortality
still we fight, love and create
as the only creatures
in on life's grand secret
we sense the pointlessness beyond

there is a void between our hands
that drown the sounds of night
an arrow laced with liquid darkness
for every sungod's heart

it has always been right here
like a shadow in our blood
it waits for you and me
the shadow in our blood

we are delusional
from fictional reality
to prayers for prosperity
can we resist your pale attraction
give in to the dream with open eyes

how will this world within a world live on
another page torn from the book of strangers
who says "I" when all voices fear their own sound
and who remembers the hours

it has always been right here
like a shadow in our blood
it waits for you and me
the shadow in our blood

here in the barren and still
far from the shores of real
dreams borne beyond borders
on weave of thought and want
here we're invincible

it has always been right here
like a shadow in our blood
it waits for you and me
the shadow in our blood

2. dream oblivion

he takes a stand
and looks his enemy in the eye
this goes no further

i have the upper hand
this ends on my terms
i challenge non-existence
every single day

the end of mind
end of freedom
end of everything

a most violent event
breaks individuality
and turns out your shadow

in devastating light
that push against our eye
dance to the bloodsong
in dream oblivion

he makes a point
of sticking to the lie

this is the last time
i'm now done with this
i carry my nothing
every single day

the end of mind
end of freedom
end of everything

now with reality on end
the fall of all morality
dance to the bloodsong

in devastating light
that push against our eye
dance to the bloodsong
in dream oblivion

the end of faith
end of meaning
end of everthing

3. the fatalist

eventually they'll come
your name has been called
out for aeons
to claim the blood
and salvage what remains

for once we've seen the fragile nature
of things behind these windows
where nothing lives
and nothing ends

and seen what drives the hopeless
in between their closing yellowed walls

the day has come
you are the fatalist
the day has come
you are the fatalist
you walk on soil that dreams of blood

how can we fight fatigue
in prehistoric sorrow
when all is preordained
the cycle never ends

what once had been an endless realm
of possibility and dream
now laid to waste and ruin
laid to waste again
you wash your hands in blood

you squander time
we borrow from eternity
is it another lame excuse?

the day has come
you are the fatalist
the day has come
you are the fatalist
you walk on soil that dreams of blood

you are the fatalist

if nothing changes
then nothing ends

your thoughts are broken
your reasoning is flawed
the defense is just an act
and lies are all you've got

you are the fatalist
you are the fatalist

how easy we can see
defeat behind your argument
the fatalistic smile

the day has come
you are the fatalist
the day has come
you are the fatalist
you walk on soil that dreams of blood

the day has come
the day has come
you walk the ground that screams for murder

4. in my absence

eyes that meet to say farewell
and linger through the sleepless nights
a trail of days that end in tears
but I can never be there

the rush of hours that never seem to end
what life has dealt you can not comprehend
i am the absentee

i know you're out there searching tonight
i'm right here
another day and I cannot see through your eyes
i'm right here

how could I have known what preceded your own thoughts
wish that I could listen to what only speaks inside
every raging dissonance
each jarring note
but i could never be there

how could you think that I would understand
when words just go around what the heart truly wants
i am the absentee

i know you're out there searching tonight
i'm right here
another day and i cannot see through your eyes
i'm right here

i want to tell you,
of the exploding light
how everything is visible
moments before the dark
i am never there

i know you're out there searching tonight
another day and i'm not there

thrust with nails of conflict
anxiety and pain
through spells of anger, confusion and defeat
i wish you'd see me here in front of you,
but i'm not here

i know you're out there searching tonight
i'm right here
another day and i cannot see though your eyes
lead me right

5. the grandest accusation

what if you are an island of sorrow
then i'll be the raging sea
what if you are the reaching trees
then i'll be the storm that with fire rages

the new loneliness
your name on the door
just like a diagnose
for venomous disease

man is the cemetery for unlived life
all for nought
the grand accusation

your face is your name
word and shield
sharp as a curse

man is the cemetery for unlived life
all for nought
the grand accusation

you chose rejection
over thoughts of insight
you take action
from focus on intent
and brace for impact
not waiting for the fall

what cries here, cries inside
man is the cemetery of unlived life
the grand accusation

what if you were a country of grief
with me the invading force
what if you were to measure the hollow
that captivates and devours you

the new loneliness
your name on the door
just like a diagnose
for venomous disease

man is the cemetery for unlived life
all for nought

6. at the point of ignition

do not hide your sorrow,
or banish it from sight
take it out to burn,
turn the pain against it

in our day that holds no other
what are we
the fuel or the flame
in the life that hides behind you
what are you
the fuel or the flame

in our proud momentum
thrust ahead from the start
our fragile frame falls apart

i hear you in my echo
a few steps behind
i see you in my shadow
waiting inside

what if we don't question
the meaning of it all
the answer in our system
bound to kill the spark

the moment so elusive
hangs heavy over our heads
scorns the doubting nomads
that burn another trail

in our day that holds no other
what are we
the fuel or the flame
in the life that hides behind you
what are you
the fuel or the flame

the shine of trembling stars,
worlds in the distance
curse this lack of sight
into darkness without end

in our day that holds no other
what are we
the fuel or the flame
in the life that hides behind you
what are you
the fuel or the flame

in our day that holds no other
what are we
in the life that hides behind you
what are you
what are you

7. her silent language

why do I see her
through neverending nights
why do I see her
wearing nothing but the dark

have you come here to warn me
of what I cannot see
you want to tell me something
but you do not have the words

i know where you live
i can see through your darkness
and when you sleep
i hear the heart that beats you

have you come here to warn me
of what I cannot see
you want to tell me something
but you do not have the words

eyes far into the distance
a life that does not connect
time played out its part
on strings that bind us

encounters in silence
words elude the fading night
wish i could fathom
what is too hard to tell

her head hangs low
in the silence of her room
her head hangs low
she takes a bite out of her heart

have you come here to warn me
of what I cannot see
you want to tell me something
but you do not have the words

8. arkhangelsk

held by winter's chokehold fast
fixed in anxiety's firm grip
frost that burn the arteries

underneath the heavy clouds
the lifted sword, the broken shield
the hand that drew the final word
from the frozen mouth of arkhangelsk

let them go, let them burn the world to cinders
and let their heads hang down
falling through the tungsten skies
on the burning grounds of Arkhangelsk

to the eye of judgement now
one will stand in the time of the end

sun to stone, air to fire
all to nothing and nothing to nil
they gather, drowning in the drone
of the grinding wheels of arkhangelsk

with one word, one movement in the fabric
everything dies
the storm that sweeps the world away
from the frozen plains of arkhangelsk

inherit from the morning star
what others brought and the land forgot

soaring through van allen belts
through blazing stars, through dying suns
collide not now, but carry us
through the burning air of arkhangelsk

9. i am the void

drink this water again
that runs by without memory
where your name is lost
drink and forget yourself
this featureless stream
that carries your face further on
these waters know you
it calls you by your one true name

have you ever noticed
the spaces in-between
where life is in recession
and agony begins

i am the call
i speak inside of you
i am the void
that haunts you
i am the howl
that calls you out
i am the void

you rest your weary head
on to the underworld
and let the silent whispers
guide your waking dreams
in time with the pulse
of what is long since gone
the beat of the fallen
is cold already in your blood

the machinery of chaos
comes alive in you
chained to the grinding wheel
of forces unseen

i am the call
i speak inside of you
i am the void
that haunts you
i am the howl
that calls you out
i am the void

you have always been between
another set of walls
outside of which the world
is watching down on you
inside the silence speaks
kept close to the endless alibi
never reaching out
never give in

i am the call
i speak inside of you
i am the void
that haunts you
i am the howl
that calls you out
i am the void

10. surface the infinite

it starts below
the pile and the burning
darkness in the recipe
a fire of the soul

to paralyze and strangle hold
disable the design
the remnants of reality
in our measured time
is torn apart

we carry our fear inside
a space that hold the darkness
we stretch our skin around
to cover the abyss

the smirk on our reality
at the future we foresee
blood that seeks redemption
in endless nights of sin
stays with the spears
that pierce the blinding sun

we heard from the heralds of grief
that nothing remains

we carry our fear inside,
a space that hold the darkness
we stretch our skin around
to cover the abyss

breaks into day
upsets the system
it's in our nature to bear
the hidden to the end

what if this feeling contains a truth
what if our dreams give way to the dogma of old
what if lost desires can be found

no shelter
no barriers between
what's already inside
betrays what the surface holds

we wear our lives
on wires and dust
like demons of the lost
still wrapped in our own confusion
the call of the abyss

we carry our fear inside
a space that hold the darkness
we stretch our skin around
to cover the abyss

11. iridium

let the horizon lead
onto the ether of the night
draped across the burning heavens
flying homeward like a bird of the soul

shattered into a million brighter suns
each flare unique and rare
scattered across forever
out from creation's core
an end beyond compare

now is the time to leave
we lie awake, we stand afire
at the edge of the world
above a myriad of light
below the mantle of the stars
and strangely they fall

shattered into a million brighter suns
each flare unique and rare
scattered across forever
out from creation's core
an end beyond compare

Thursday, May 25, 2017

True Unity

This post by Randy Maugans points at the same thing my pen name tries to convey. BCii: be, see the I in the eye.

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Warrior Spirit

Greetings on this Freya’s Day to one and all!

This is in response to Irina’s piece from yesterday concerning the largely successful campaign to defang, divert, and dull our warrior instinct.

The warrior instinct is an innate part of us. It is rooted in our animal nature, but it extends far beyond the physical. It is our proper response to the presence and existence of that which threatens life.

The true warrior, one who lives the archetype, is first and foremost a lover. A lover of truth. A lover of beauty. A lover of goodness, kindness, and selfless charity. A lover of innocence and purity. A lover of strength and faith. A lover of wisdom and compassion. A lover of freedom, the most sacred gift of all.

When these things are threatened or violated, the warrior does not stand idly by. The warrior knows that a threat to any life threatens all life, that a violation of one is a violation of all. The warrior takes appropriate action when faced with such situations.

The warrior must be effective. To be effective is the culmination of the art of war. One is not effective by default. One becomes effective through self-mastery, self-development, and self-knowledge. The warrior is disciplined – decisive, collected, and in control, but not self-punishing. The warrior is committed to his or her own growth and knows that one never comes to the end of that road; there will always be new challenges and new opportunities to test and expand the qualities of the soul.

We are beset in this time by a daunting array of attacks waged against us on all sides and on all levels. The masks of the perpetrators are many; it is not only the overt, avowed enemies of humanity whom we must face with the warrior’s stance, it is the darkly-aligned tendencies within ourselves and the ones we love as well. We must know, however, that each being chooses its alignment; we can support a loving choice to align with the truth, but not force it. We can offer the things of the spirit wholeheartedly. Where there is openness to love and light, to healing and humility, to reconciliation and revelation, we can be there to facilitate that process. Where another being exercises their power of choice to persist in wrongdoing, to insist on violating others, we are called and compelled to make a stand.

There is no compromising with the dark. It is illusion and has no power beyond what we give it. We are the truth; our being is what creates evil and suffering when we succumb to illusion. We have been infected with many illusions, chief among them weakness, lack, ignorance, and limitations on love.

The subterfuge has been subtle, the will to subjugate implacable. No effort has been spared to keep us corralled in one form of control system or another. We are going beyond control systems. We are going Home. If that is what we determine, then there is nothing these so-called beings can do to stop it. The most they can do is play for time. Keep hitting us with their old tricks. Drawing our attention to old conflicts, imagined wrongs, false fronts, and diversions. They are in a battle for their very survival. Our energy is what keeps them alive. They are desperate to maintain their hold on our consciousness.

These are not true beings at all. Let me go back on that for a minute. Yes, there are beings from Source who went all the way into the dark, who chose to commit, again and again, to that downward journey. They are the Fallen, caught in the maelstrom of the magnetic lure of separation, soul-selling, and predation. They are so identified with the idea of being something other than divine expressions of one all-enlivening Spirit that that is the direction that draws them on. These are the ones who have only the faintest, dimmest, most buried and banished sense of their true nature. So yes, there is a being there: our brother. We can only reach that most tragically lost dear one by shining forth as one Love for eternity, for as long as it takes him to rediscover and choose the path of the soul’s awakening and reintegration. But for now, he is taken over, acting as a puppet of the will to dominate and finally extinguish all life.

We are here on Middle-Earth, the realm where all the worlds meet. We are the jewels of creation, endowed with the mightiest gifts of the Creator. We are the Creator and we are the children of the Creator. We determine what plays out here for us. Many of us long to simply leave this world and go back to where the Light shines forever. We may feel tired and finished. If that is our experience, then we must follow where our heart leads. For those of us who are not finished, we stay and do what we came here to do. Perhaps our paths need not stray so far from one another. We are family, after all, and the world is our collective creation. We need not fear what is to come. Only remain true and take each step as it comes, as best we can.

The controllers we perceive in this place we think of as a planet in space are dupes engaged in the cosmic folly, but we have everything we need to counter them. They cannot touch us. Oh, they can do their worst. They have their means. But we have what counts: the knowing. The living connection through our miraculous body vehicles and their senses, from the dense to the subtle. Our DNA, the codes that hold the mysteries and the potentials of life. Our network of energetically-resonant beings and the great web of life itself, which answers all calls.

That the world is still standing is testimony to the fact that warriors are among us. Whether we can see them or not is immaterial. We can trust that they have our back, and we can resolve to be worthy of their protection, to embody the things that they love. Whatever form or aspect of the warrior spirit calls you to make it part of your being, embrace it. Don’t fear the opinions and reactions of others. Don’t be a slave to their approval. You are needed. Your soul is needed. Those who answer the call to fight will thank you for your embodiment of the things they value, cherish, and fight for.

In this time when the warrior archetype is subverted, maligned, and robbed of its immediacy, relevance, and potency, we are all called to cast off complacency, to rouse ourselves from the stupor of false comfort, realize the will to defend, preserve, and protect what is good, and cultivate the spirit of absolute non-alignment and non-consent to evil. We can take steps every day to build our strength, knowledge, and awareness, to deepen our foundations of being, to feel more, to appreciate more, to give more, to love more. Is that not a worthy path? We are worthy of it. The acting out on the stage of time and space is simply how we demonstrate the truth of that. We are worthy. We are God. We are and shall forever be the proof of God’s great love.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Extermination of the True Warrior Archetype

Click the image below to listen to the audio of me reading Irina's piece:

You can read more of Irina's writings at her site Unravel the Dream. For Mark Passio's work, visit his site What on Earth Is Happening. Both are also in the link list on the right-hand sidebar.

Let not that sacred fire grow dim!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Renaissance of Thought, Speech, and Association: The Paradoxical Gift of Radical Islam and the SJW Movement

Hello and welcome!

I noticed this morning some overt signs of a trend that appears to be emerging in our collective social dynamic. It seems to be arising in response to a culture of rabid divisiveness, group identity politics, and, particularly from the regressive left, contempt for the universal right to think, speak, and associate freely.

People are getting fed up with being labeled, put in a box, invalidated, attacked, cut off, and silenced for daring to have and express their own thoughts and ideas that don't conform to some supposed standard. This attitude of intolerance has been most virulent and visible in the SJW movement, which is now the laughingstock of YouTube thanks to its juvenile tactics and ridiculous lack of realism and reasoning ability. The toxic, malignant front of ideological dogmatism and us-versus-them herd mentality has become so perfectly crystallized in the SJW movement that it is provoking a serious backlash among free thinkers of all stripes.

These entropic tendencies are certainly not exclusive to the group I'm pinpointing. The point is that this group, aided and abetted by mealy-mouthed cowards and wolves in sheep's clothing in politics, academia, and the media, exemplifies them to a degree that pushes the rest of us up against the wall. We are literally facing a threat of totalitarianism that could extinguish what remains of the light of Western society if we don't unite and push back.

People often express bemusement at the cognitively-dissonant alliance between the social justice movement and Islam, the latter being the epitome of inequality, intolerance and hate in our world today. But the alliance makes perfect sense. They share a common enemy. The intellectual dishonesty and fevered unconscious projection of the cult of post-modern, cultural-Marxist orthodoxy mask the fiery hatred and thanatotic self-loathing at its core. This core, I suggest, is of like emotional frequency with the distress that underlies radical Islamic fundamentalism. Both embrace violence as a final solution. Both are expressions of a mind-virus that knows no peace but the vision of a tightly-enforced uniformity that can never be achieved and will never result in real peace.

The manifest pathology of these two factions, embodying as they do some of humanity's most destructive psychological distortions, holds up a mirror to the rest of us. Their campaign to wipe out and colonize their enemies is so clearly a path to spiritual, cultural, and even physical extinction that we who oppose that campaign are forced to confront the demons they represent, first within ourselves, in order to be able to counter the destructive frequencies of consciousness that assail us from within and without.

We're beginning to see that we can't afford to remain cloistered in our islands of ideology, lobbing cheap shots at each other for the approval and amusement of our fellow islanders. These islands are illusory to begin with. We must see that there is only a web of humanity composed of individual nodes, all intimately interconnected yet distinct universes, and that that shared fabric of society rises or falls as one.

We're beginning to realize that we can't afford to maintain the barriers that keep us from engaging in civil discourse with people we disagree with. That disagreement itself is a natural thing that need not overshadow an underlying sense of unity, of being ultimately on the same side as human beings.

We're starting to see the need to reach out to and support others regardless of ideological differences. We're seeing that openness, critical thinking, and diversity of opinion and perspective are what keep us vibrantly engaged in a robust evolutionary process of growth and refinement leading to synthesis, integration, and true enlightenment.

We're being called to arm ourselves with knowledge, to develop the maturity and learn the principles and skills needed in order to have fruitful, meaningful discussions. To learn to think clearly and formulate well-considered positions. To smelt the ore of information, separating the dross from the valid and useful.

Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom: The Trivium

Those of us who were never taught the Trivium in school, who were cheated of a real education, must now take remedial steps to educate ourselves. This intellectual foundation is indispensable for a free and functioning society, and developing it is a lifelong journey for each of us. The way we do it is by practicing these elements in the real world of our day-to-day issues and interactions, right down to the personal level.

The other area for development, which I alluded to already, is the emotional realm. We can't be intellectually honest or truly civil without also resolving our emotional wounds and attachments. It takes courage to face the monsters we've buried, but that is what we must do. To kindle and act on that courage is something we all have the ability to do. It takes a critical mass of danger and discomfort to push us over that threshold, and we can thank the new inquisition for doing their part to provoke our innate immune response.

Remember: healing in the body only takes place when there's enough serotonin and other "feel-good" neurochemicals in the system and when levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, are low enough. That means the key is to consistently make choices that make us feel deeply better inside, more whole, at peace, and energized. Each of us knows what those choices are if we just listen closely to our real inner voice.

There is hope. We have what we need to pull through and create a renaissance together. We just have to step up and do our best. I believe in myself. I believe in you. I believe in all of us. Let's do it.


Here are the videos that prompted me to write this post today:

You Can't Sit With Us! | Purity Spirals & Group Cannibalism

"Why do groups demand perfect ideological conformity? What does it lead to and how can we avoid purity spirals, ingroup fighting and cannibalism?"

Huge Win in the Battle of Ideas

"We're taking back the narrative from people who use buzzwords and outrage to silence the rest of us who are trying to have meaningful conversation."

Why Free Speech (even Hate Speech) is the best friend of the Oppressed

Jonathan Rauch makes a passionate argument in favor of free speech, and tells an inspiring story of Frank Kameny using his free speech to overcome bigotry and discrimination.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Back to the Real feat. Dog Poet, Aug Tellez, Gaia

Hello, friends!

I have some wonderful materials to share with you today. Oh yes! I'll just list them off here without further ado:

First we have a piece of Visible Origami, straight from the muse of our one and only Dog Poet Transmitting...

... Aug Tellez gets deep, lucid, and real in this half-hour impromptu podcast called "Biological Consciousness and Soul Awareness, Technological Immortality, The Illusion of the Self"...

... and a voice that brings so much flooding back, the radio transmissions of Gaia herself.

Please enjoy, and pass it on!

Moments, hours, eternities – and Isness – of our journey into Phi

Tyranny, rebellion, victimhood, blame,

playing our false games of power,

fearing and hating Kali the Destroyer,

marshaling our forces against Her

to stave off our impending doom,

forgetting that she is Mother Gaia herself,

even while we yearn for the End of War

and the experience of the eternal, flowing Dance of Timelessness and Time,

but we have forgotten the only truth that matters:

that we know not the hour of our death,

nor will we be spared pain,

but that the deeper we dive into clear and empty Stillness,

the more we settle into Being

and the more purely, joyously, and valiantly we can shine for her

in thought, word, and deed

the more beautifully She reflects back at us

what the unified Will of Love has wrought!

She gives birth to form

yet form is a dream

a shape for the shapeless

a sound for the silent

which, for as long as we remain ignorant and desolate,

remains a nightmare, a living death

hunted by our fears,

haunted by our hurts;

a tragedy,

a hollow circus,

the grinding wheel of karma,

a puppet show;

a drama of duality,

a game,

a school,

a stage play;

a healing opportunity

and an ever-present Now,

blessing and blessed, through and through.

Illuminating shadows, facing fears

expressing freely

nothing to gain or lose

except for Soul, the one thing at stake;

expressing will

passion aflame (fire of the gods)

Knowledge revealed

finding Courage and Steadfastness

Patience and Humility;


witnessing the Miracle;

Balance and Peace;



Yes to the Yes (to the no to the maybe);

Levity, Liberation, Release;

tears of Joy and Gladness,



nothing on the agenda but Love

inspiring us to kinship, cooperation, community, compassion, equality, respect for nature, giving our very best,

working together to manifest a new and bolder vision of reality,

one responsive to our true desires,

an adventure into the unknown,

a collective fractal work of art

forever coming, forever going,

existing Now.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

McMasters University activists shout down visiting professor Jordan B. Peterson; professor makes it a teaching moment

What some on the far left (and the far right as well) fail to understand is that the alternative to civil discussion and debate is a descent into uncivilized behavior: shouting slogans, slinging weaponized words, attacking ad hominem, denying a platform to those you disagree with, abandoning the level playing field of ideas in favor of animalistic noise-making and shows of strength. They may not have fully considered where that path leads.

If your ideas are worth considering, then they are worth formulating and presenting with care and civility and arguments to back them up. Let them loose on the level playing field of free speech where they can be tested on their merits. If you arrogate to yourself the right to shut others down, you place yourself in a value system, in an arena, where someone with more brute strength than you can shut you down as well. Two sides engaging on this level set off a cycle of escalating conflict that can only end tragically.

Healthy public debate isn’t a death match between colliding interest groups. It’s the way we reach consensus as a community and more whole understanding as individuals. It is a natural and peaceful mechanism for achieving wisdom, balance, and inclusion in our collective decisions.

We need not fear each others’ voices. In fact, we desperately need to hear each others’ authentic voices so that we can see where we agree and where we don’t and A. build bridges of understanding and acceptance, B. approach the truth together, and C. determine the path that will best serve us going forward. This requires open, free, intellectually honest exchange between individuals based on a shared sense of unity (our common humanity), allowance for diversity (the breathing space for everyone to be, express, and develop uniquely), and a common interest in discovering truth (humility and openness to being corrected as well the integrity to stand up for what we directly perceive as truth).

When we engage in true dialogue, we are tuning the instrument of our mind to resonate with truth. That means changing our ideas when they come into conflict with what is demonstrably true and holding steadily to truth in the face of what is demonstrably untrue. Post-modernism repudiates the very notion of truth and therefore represents anti-logic. It is based on self-referential, circular reasoning that collapses in the face of logic.

In this video, Dr. Jordan B. Peterson calmly explains why we need free speech and why the best thing to do about the anti-free speech activists is to let them play out their tactics while we keep speaking our truth to the best of our ability and defending everyone’s right to be heard.

The activists speak. We let them speak and make their positions known. We weigh their ideas on the impartial scales of truth along with every other idea. We let their behavior speak for itself as all behavior does. As long as they do not engage in debate, they render themselves irrelevant to the debate. You don’t debate a child who’s throwing a tantrum. You can’t. You stand calmly in your truth and don’t budge for any manipulative, bullying tactics. Don’t give them the response they’re trying to provoke. Don’t feed the monster that’s acting out through them by answering in kind. Feed their better angel by setting an example through your own behavior.

As Matt Kahn advises, when faced with the fevered, conflicting energies of a turbulent, fractured mind, we can consciously choose to respond with the opposite vibration. Peterson does an admirable job.

Activists chanting: “You are not a victim!”

Peterson: “That’s true. I'm not a victim.

“Once you start to regard yourself as a victim, you look for a perpetrator. And the thing you look for in a perpetrator, you look for someone that it’s OK to hurt. It’s really not a good thing.”

Activists chanting: “Shut him down!”

. . .

Peterson: “As far as I’ve been able to determine, this kind of protest is an expression of a philosophy that’s grounded partly in post-modernism and partly in Marxism. Now, the post-modern element is basically this: there’s no such thing as genuine individual identity. What there is is group identity. And you, like it or not, only have the interests of your group. And the whole world is nothing but a battleground between groups of different interests. There’s no dialogue. There’s no possibility of talking between the groups. It’s just a power stage where combat has to take place.

“And so the reason that speakers with whom the radical post-modernists and the Marxists don’t agree are denied a platform is because those people do not believe, from a philosophical position, that dialogue can bring consensus. And all that’s left, if you forgo that particular principle, is this. [Indicates the protest.] And this is only where it starts.

“You know, the fact is that you’re all pretty damn civilized. And thank god for that. Because if there were enough fools in the crowd, especially those who are intent on violence, this would turn out very differently. We do not want to go down that pathway! It’s a big mistake. We’ve been down that pathway many, many times.”

. . .

Peterson: “The question was, had we called the police and had them removed, would that have been a failure?”

“I think the answer to that is there’s no point in it. There’s no reason to assume that this [protest] is a bad thing. It’s noisy and it’s annoying, but that’s fine. You gotta let things – you gotta follow what you believe to be true. Right? And don’t worry about it, and let things happen, and see what happens. Because it’s perfectly possible that if you’re trying to do the right thing, you’re trying to speak properly, that whatever happens around you is [partially a] consequence of that and it’s a good thing. So we’ll see. We’ll have weeks after this event to analyze its consequences. And so far, all of you that are there to listen to the talk, you’re peaceful and reasonable, and you got a chance to show that to hundreds of thousands of people. So, good! This is a good thing, not a bad thing.”

. . .
Peterson: [Repeating a question from the audience] “How do we get these people to understand that dialogue leads to consensus?

“You cannot make people who don’t listen, listen. You can’t. They have to decide to listen on their own. But you do that by listening. You show them. You engage in dialogue yourself and [seek] consensus among you. You lead by example. Because there’s no getting through this. [Indicates the protest.] It’s an ideological wall. And the harder you push against it, the larger it’ll become.

“Don’t worry about it. But don’t get pushed around. And don’t let people indoctrinate you.”